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Phil Kilpatrick

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Owner and coach of Velospeed coaching, I have been involved in fitness since 2005 holding a
number of roles from apprentice to senior management with more recent years being spent as head
coach at Derby Arena. The time at Derby arena allowed me to work with riders from novice to elite
and understand the needs of riders on this journey, how to support them and provide appropriate

My academic and professional experiences have been in a range of areas relating to health, fitness
and sport and with completion of a BSc in Applied sports science am able to integrate this
knowledge into cycling.

Coaching has always been a draw for me throughout my life and I enjoy the development it offers as
there are so many areas to learn from. Whether it’s a large group session working on tactics, or a 1-
2-1 prescriptive basis looking at the physiology of training I feel I have a lot to give as a coach.

I am excited to offer coaching services to all at affordable pricing and am proud of the range and
quality of the service at Velospeed coaching.

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Carl Allsop


Passionate about all sports but initially Football where I was fortunate enough to play professionally on the continent. Coaching was just a natural progression from playing and I’ve been able to experience many different methods and styles of coaching in a variety of countries. 

I began working as a Track Coach at Derby Arena shortly after it opened. This gave me the opportunity to work with riders from complete novice up to elite riders. I love being able to play a part in helping riders of any level be the best that they can be. Getting to know riders, working with them and learning how best to motivate them to achieve their goals are a real passion.

If you're looking to take your cycling up a level and would like a helping hand then Phil and myself at VeloSpeed Coaching would be glad to discuss the best options for you that suit your 

own personal circumstances.

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